PAJOT subscribes to a zero-plagiarism policy. Plagiarism in any form (e.g., verbatim copying, copying of ideas, text, data, and other creative works without attribution, self-plagiarism, etc.) constitutes a severe violation of the principles of scholarship and is not acceptable. It is also a criminal offense in certain jurisdictions. Likewise, we seek to protect the reputation of the journal against malpractice. All manuscripts submitted for publication to PAJOT are cross-checked for plagiarism using Turnitin software. It is the responsibility of authors to acknowledge all sources appropriately. Manuscripts found to be plagiarized during the initial stages of review are outrightly rejected. If evidence of plagiarism is discovered after acceptance or publication of the paper, the author will be offered a chance for rebuttal. If the arguments are not satisfactory, we reserve the right to act, including, but not limited to: retracting the article; taking up the matter with the author’s Institution / University, Funding Agency, or relevant academic bodies or societies.