The Pan-African Journal of Theology accepts and publishes original research areas of biblical and theological studies. These include but are not limited to biblical archaeology and history of antiquity; Hebrew Bible and New Testament studies; Church History; historical, biblical, systematic, and philosophical theology; science and religion; practical theology, ethics; world religions; and missiology. PAJOT also accepts short articles written from the perspectives herein mentioned.

Statement of Affirmation

PAJOT affirms that the Bible is the inspired Word of God and infallible revelation of truth in written form. The Bible provides the foundation and context for theological and Christian scholarship and the totality of life. The Bible is also the unerring standard for doctrine and experience. 

Furthermore, PAJOT endorses the use of the biblical-historical-grammatical method for the interpretation of the Scriptures, and recognizes the necessity of the Holy Spirit's aid in so doing. This journal does not subscribe nor promote the use of any method in biblical and theological studies that retains the principle of criticism which subordinates the Bible to human reason, tradition, or experience. See Methods of Bible Study document.